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What is the difference from Pride and Pressure?

Is it me or is LGBTQIA community is becoming a little overbearing? I hear a lot of people saying at this rate the heterosexuals will be ostracized within the next 15 to 20 years. It is one thing to celebrate and have pride in what you believe in most cases people are ok with that. I'm speaking about how it's to the point where you can't turn on a T.V show without having a gay couple staring on every series. Now even the cartoons are having gay Characters. There are still people that feel it's not appropriate for their young children to learn or experience this lifestyle until they are older. I get that the LGBTQIA wants to help people that are gay to embrace it and no longer be afraid to express who they are. The same way the LGBTQIA wants respect they have to understand a lot of traditional families are not ready to fully open up. Parents want their children to learn how the world is from their teaching first not having to explain to a curious child because they watch a show or witness something while walking outside. It's hard enough to explain the birds and the bees lol. In today's society if you don't accept their choice of lifestyle you are deemed a hater or prejudice. Let's explore this a bit more in this week's blog.

The Difference is even on our favorite T.V shows

Have you ever notice on a television show the gay and lesbian couples has very passionate kissing scenes open mouth and all. The producers portray the couple as always happy and playful. While the heterosexual married couples are always disagreeing fighting separated with children barely show any affection and when they kiss it maybe a peck on the lips or cheeks. Indirectly making the statement it's better to be in a same sex relationship more relaxing, fun and understanding. Here are a few examples you tell me what you think (Mike and Molly, Martin, King of Queens, Everyone Loves Raymond, Black lighting look at how the daughter relationship is compared to her own parents.)

King Of Queens


Mike And Molly

You see the difference

Are they looking for connecting or segregation

For years it was my understanding the LGBTQIA community wanted to be considered equals in the general population eyes, in the beginning, they were looking for acceptance. The tables have turned the power has shifted the heterosexuals are asking for acceptance now. It seems to me as if they are the ones putting up walls and barriers today why do something you didn't approve of? There are many clubs and bars that are gay or lesbians only. There is a day that the LGBTQIA take over the whole Great Adventures theme park.What would happen if someone hosted a day and said heterosexuals only day? Do you think there would be a protest? Wait LGBTQIA has their own island it's called fire island in long island look it up if you don't believe me. What about the local stores with the rainbow flags do you think that is fair? I mean it's their stores and you have the right to put up what ever you want. Just think of how people felt about them gentleman clubs that only certain groups can join. They still exist but it is more of a secret member only and not on any main strips. A lot of places like this has been shut down or adjusted their policy. It's not said but people understand it's basically a spot for that community they might let you in but you might not feel welcome. Do we have to be gay or lesbian to shop or hang at these places? Maybe not but you know if you did go to any one of these places you most likely would consider gay or lesbian or confused thinking about coming out. You can't just be wanting to hang in a place where people who know how to party. If you never hung around gay people they party like no other.

Six Flags Gay Day

Fire Island

Here is a few things I noticed that i'm sure others do too.

Why when a gay guy or lesbian look at a woman head to toe or tell them about how the body type looks it is ok? If a straight guy does the same thing it could be sexual harassment. I have seen gay guys meeting women for the first time and they would let the guy feel them up. when a heterosexual male does the same thing it is considered assault and he is a prevert. If a gay person attacks you and you defend yourself it's a fight. If you hit a gay guy it's automatically a hate crime. Same goes for the aggressive (considered the man in the lesbian relationship) hits you It's ok if you hit them back you shouldn't be hitting a woman. That might add up to being about three different charges, hate crime, domestic violence and assault. A lot of times when they get fired from a job its discrimination instead of being a horrible employee. You can't even feel some sorta way if a gay person is around you, it can't just be you don't like the individual for some reason you have to be homophobic. Am I coming off a bit angry? See that's exactly what I mean just because I state my opinion about this touchy subject I might be boxed in as someone that don't like gay people. Here is the thing if you ask any gay person that has ever met me or talk with me or even hung with me ask them how I feel about them yourself. I treat anyone with respect that shows me the same it doesn't matter what the sexual preference is.

A quick story of what I had to deal with personally

I grew up in East Harlem in the late 80's early 90's there were a lot of people coming out (admitting they were gay and lesbians). One of my closest cousin was one of many people. I love who my cousin is and I always admired how he handled his personal situations. He never backs down from anyone he never tried to hide his lifestyle. Even until today we still remain to be close. He comes around with his group of misfits ever so often we all crack jokes on each other everyone is friendly playful no one is too sensitive It's always good vibes. So here is where the nonsense comes in years ago another group of Gay and Lesbians that is from around my way starting telling people I was gay because I am comfortable around other gay people without hanging with them. My cousin explained to me that he spoke with them and a few of them likes me. So it became a thing of who could turn me first like they were vampires. Matter of fact I'm not the only one in the neighborhood that they were after. They were trying to get as many people as they could to become gay or bi-sexual. Throwing parties inviting a bunch of straight people to them plenty of drinks and drugs pills you name it. What is the term called this a form of entrapment? When they get there so much freaky stuff going on some people would just join in. They even would bring celebrities to parties and events just to bring people in. Everyone who knows me knows I was never into parties I don't drink or do drugs so I never attended anything they threw. The crazy part is they would make it seems like I had a problem with them because I never attended, "I don't have a problem with you guys" I would say "it's just not what I'm about none of it, not the same sex, drugs or alcohol so why I would be there?" My cousin always asks me when are you coming out of the closet. I always tell him maybe you should go back in the closet you don't know what you are missing the way these women are looking today plus the tricks they do now. I drop down to my knees every day and thank God I'm a man. (a line from the movie Naked Gun) I LOVE ALL WOMEN.

I need people to leave comments on how you feel about this blog. Do you feel i'm insensitive? Do you think I just don't understand the struggle they endured? Do you feel it is getting a bit out of hand as well? What Can we do to even the balance? Tell us if you have any dealing similar to mine or completely different.

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