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Who Are You Really Mad AT?

Written By (Ronald Guest)

As human beings we all have likes dislikes; needs and wants. When these premises are interfered with for any reason; we tend to feel vanquished in some way. Along with these desires; we also have a birthright that is naturally instilled within us all. That is the right of free will. This allows us the freedom to perceive; as well as, act upon these desires and urges how we see fit; whether right or wrong. Now, my reason for expressing these ideas that we are well aware of is because knowing all of this; we still find ways to deflect responsibility and play “the blame game”. So my question is, who are we really mad at!

People are often mad at situations outside their control but never address the issues they can. They are mad when people buy stores in their neighborhood, but never even try to open store themselves.

People get mad when the foreigner come to this country illegally and take jobs the Americans are not willing to do.

People get mad when others are successful because they are willing to sacrifice and work hard to achieve what they did to become successful while most just want a shortcut or handout.

Very powerful video it's a must-watch.

Before we place blame on others we must first check ourselves. We cannot necessarily control who opens up businesses in our neighborhoods but we can buy the real estate first. If we want our communities to operate a certain way; we have the power to change it. And yes, that applies financially as well. If you are tired of the lack of jobs, the people in your area can pool their money together and create jobs. By opening stores and companies you gain the privilege to hire who you feel is best suited for the positions. If you are tired of the way the police are treating people; police your own neighborhood. You will be able to find plenty of people who feel the same as you. Make your presence felt as a resident, you have that right. As the saying goes; “If You don’t like the way something is going in your life, change it.” In the end, the majority of the problems we face, we already have the answer. Although most people rather complain about the issue, rather than seek a solution.

Bonus Video

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Schnedia Batey
Schnedia Batey

I think it's time for us to go to the next step and that is..NOW WHAT? In my opinion we have right to be mad/angry but the questions is what do we do with that anger? Do we channel it into determination to change our circumstances or the circumstances of others?

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