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Why Do We Wait Until

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In today's blog, we will be asking the question why, do we wait until the things (Sh*t) hit the fan before we change? Why is it in human nature to be reactive instead of proactive? Instead of taking care of business, we wait to solve the problem. I will point out five things most people procrastinate with, which ends up turning into a bad situation.

1. We Are Sick before we take care of our health?

Everyone, by their teen years, knows the importance of taking care of your health. Eating right, exercising, dressing for the climate change. You heard the saying your body is your most precious temple. Plus; you only get one so, take care of it and, it will take care of you. With knowing how these facts and watching so many senior people in bad shape, why do we play around? Every time we get sick, we promise to change the way we eat. I'm going to stop eating junk food, "I have too many cavities", "I need to stop eating sweets." We won't change this habit until we are at the doctor's or dentist's office. Even then, we don't change when they give us the warning we wait until we're told we need to be put on medicine. Now that our bodies are damaged, we want to brag to others how we are eating healthy and working out. The problem is whatever we have, it's for the rest of our lives, and we now have to find a way to maintain the ailment. So if you are reading this start now, lose the weight, or eat the healthiest choices when you go out or shop. Your future self will thank you.

“Don’t wait until you're sick”

2. We Are broke before we try to make money?

You ever wonder why the average person only worries about getting money when their funds are running low. Maybe think about when they want something is the only time they work overtime? Why can't they put enough savings away, to never need money? Yes, it is possible to save and invest enough money so you will never have money issues again. This again is something most people know, so why do they wait? I think people are content with having just enough. When having enough is not enough, that is when they scramble. When people back is against a wall, that is when they do irrational things to get money. Some work positons they are overqualified for, some do work where they are highly underpaid, some even turn to crime. Please understand if people made a budget and put money away for items they want in advance, they will never have the issue with going broke ever again.

Why Am I Broke? 15 Reasons Why and How To Fix Them

3. We brake up before we try to fix the relationship?

Many stages that couples go through before they decide to leave each other. That means there are so many opportunities to pay attention to each other in between. I did a quick survey and, I discover most people do stuff or spent time with their significant other only after a fight or argument. You want some calls to tell your partner how they don't call you enough anymore. They will flood you with calls for a few days or weeks. You want more sex, start hanging out with your friends and, watch how much sex you will receive coming in late at night. You notice people go for marriage counseling only after one person is ready to walk away from the relationship. After paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you learn, time and communication are usually the main things missing. To fix a relationship is fairly simple; just do the things you did in the beginning when you first met. Yes, people change with time. For the sake of someone you love and want to keep in your life, don't wait any longer. Even when you finish reading this blog, pick up the phone and call the one you care about or love, and tell them how much they mean to you. And that's a great start.

If you want to fix your relationship

4. We Get fired before we find a better job?

I don't know how many people tell me they are looking for a better job. They are not happy where they work. They hate their boss, supervisors, and co-workers. Most people always say I can't wait until I get a new job. So the question I ask is, why not look for a new one now? I'm always met with a few excuses the most common are; I have too many years at my current job to change. Or I'm only going to work here for another year to save up some money then quit. What they don't realize is with all the toxic vibes they are walking in the job with eventually get fired. After they get fired so are so upset and worried how, will they survive and pay their bills? After some time goes by days, weeks, months, even a year. You will find another job, and somehow this job will seem worst than your last one. You heard saying, "the grass is greener on the other side." Well, most of the time, there is only dirt and some rocks. My suggestion; if you are not happy where you work, change it before you lose it. When you are not under pressure, you make logical decisions. What I am stating to you is find a better job when you want one and not when you need one.

Should you resign or wait to be fired?

5. People hurt us before we let them go?

There is a term called traumatic bonding. This takes place when ongoing cycles of abuse cause a powerful bond between the abuser and the victim. There is a high percentage of this happening in the world today. You; seen it with slavery, kidnappings people with low self-esteem. In today's society, we push this off as people with mommy or daddy issues. This makes up for over 50% of the world's population. Now that I'm older and more mature I have a strict policy of not letting anyone hurt or disrespect me. I'm not playing sports it is not a three-strike rule or four fouls you are out. You have one time to cross me and I will leave you alone. Understand with me it is not coming as a surprise. When I meet someone I will let them know my do's and don,t. I am totally transparent about how I want to be treated. Yes, I will give a warning for I feel a friend is about to cross the line but if I draw that line in the sand and you still cross it! Let's just say while you are on the other side of that line you might as well say your goodbyes because that I'm gone. So, anyone, you see me with, friends, family, or woman I'm sleeping with has never crossed that line not even once. Anyone you don't see me with that used to be around me crossed that line and had to go. Just that simple.

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