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Why We Must All Read!!!

Please Read All Contracts and Agreements

Millions of people sign contracts every day but only a small fraction read and comprehend what they are signing. Contracts are binding people to deals that can open them up to lawsuits, liens, and asset seizure. There could be two causes that come to mind why people will not read and protect themselves. I think one is, people hate reading and figure if it is something they want so bad why wait on the small little detail. The main thing is they are getting what they want anyway. The next thing I figure is people do not want to appear to be rude; if they have to read the whole things it is like they do not trust them. Either way, at times deals, fall apart and now you could lose everything. So, my suggestion slow down takes your time, and do not be too proud to ask for help if you do not understand something. For big contracts, it is always best to call a lawyer to look over them for you. Pay a few extra dollars up front and save a lot more in the long run.

Please Read All Instructions Carefully

The craze that is going on is DIY (Do it Yourself). People want to fix things, build things, and make things. With this happening the people are reading just enough to get them started. What ends up happening is they usually will not completely read the instructions from start to end. Have you ever assembled something from a store like Ikea? Where you pick out the display item you want, and you get it in a box and put it together yourself. By the time you finish your project, there are always a few pieces still on the side. Maybe something is in backward or upside down. We all like to skip steps but instructions are there for a reason. It is made that if you follow each step precisely you will end up with a perfectly put together piece of work. That includes cooking as well. I heard somewhere that a person that knows it all, know nothing at all.

Please Read Everyday To Learn

There is 24hrs a day, that’s 1,440 minutes how can anyone say they do not have time to read. You can read while using the bathroom, on your commute to work, while on your lunch break. Instead of watching the same commercial, you could read in between your favorite sports or tv show. Not just reading useless content, read something that will improve your life. Reading can be a waste of time as well. If you are only reading tabloid or celebrity gossip it is not helping you. I am not saying do not read these things, some could be fun or entertaining but if these are the only things you are reading, that becomes the problem. You can take a person like Warren Buffet who is eighty years old and read about all his mistakes and wins in his lifetime in one week. So, imagine reading one book a week of great successful people and gaining all their lifetime of knowledge in one year. It would be like you lived 4160 years, now that is living. Take that 4160 years times that by 5, 10 or even 20 years just think how intelligent you would become. Not to mention if you apply some of their techniques and wisdom how rich you would become. You ever heard the term; use it or lose it? Reading one book can change your whole life just think if you read a few hundred or even thousands. I am living proof that reading made me a better person. You do not have to take my words for it ask the family and friends that hang around me now. Then go ask the ones that hung with me 10 to 15 years ago they will say that is not the same person.

Please Read To Your Children

Your children when small are very clingy and very impressionable. This is the best time for them to develop and learn new great habits. The best time to start reading to your child is in their fetus stage. A pregnant mother or father to be should read to the baby as often as possible. This will lead to when your child is born, bedtime stories. Even as early as a year old, books with pictures will help them to identify objects. Plus, it will help them learn the language as well. So, if you decide to read to them in a different language, they will pick up on them too. As a parent what do you consider spending time with your children? Is it playing with them? Is it hugging and kissing them? Is it just watching them until they need you? How much of that time is towards teaching them? For them reading is spending time with them, teaching them, and showing you love them all rolled up in one. I no longer read to my children because they are considered young adults, they are all in their 20s’. I do however always check to make sure they are still reading, and I recommend books to them all the time. After writing this blog I will in fact set a day out of the week where we all get on the phone together and read to each other starting this week. So, What Are You Waiting For?

Please Read Your Food Labels

When we are talking about how important reading is, we cannot forget the most important thing to read. What you put in your body. We should know the food we eat every day it is profoundly serious that we know what is in it. The best way to do this is to learn how to read and decipher what it means. We should want to understand the serving size. What each ingredient means in layman’s terms. Where is the sugar coming from if is natural or added to sweeten the product? How they preserve it to make its shelf life last longer. Are the food coloring and dyes safe that are used? Are there and if so, what are the healthier alternatives? If you do not care about what you eat let us look at who you are feeding it to. Do you care about your loved ones, or do you trust the manufacturers that process the food have you and your family's best interest in mind? I am not telling you to become overzealous about everything you buy and eat, just be more conscious.

Please Read, Read, Read

I do not know if I mentioned it before, reading is my greatest pastime. I love to pick up a book (yes, I am still old school) not a kindle or phone. I try to travel with at least one book everywhere I go. I encourage my children to do the same. If you are like me when I am in a line or on a commute, I get bored and start reading every sign in the room or subway car. I just read them not because it is something that interests me, but because my mind craves to stay busy. Reading helps me to imagine other things in life. For example, when I read an adventure story, I find things in the story I want to try. When I read about acts of kindness, I think to myself how I can help others in a similar way. When I read the rags to riches stories it helps me push harder knowing that someone started with less than me. I love solving problems so when I watch a TV show it is usually something like Matlock, The Hustle, Monk, Lucifer, or Leverage. So naturally when I read a book if it is not a self-help book, I love to read Sherlock Homes, Agatha Christie, or anything with a WHO DONE PLOT. My perfect vacation is laying on top deck of a cruise ship reading a great book. I will settle for going to the beach with a nice snack bag with some puzzle books with one or two others reading material of my choice. I do not mind leaving my phone at home, but I must have my books.

Bonus Videos

Today's call of action let us know if you are a reader. What Is the last book you finished and are you currently reading one now? What is your favorite book? (My favorite book is the untold story of the three little pigs)

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