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You Get What You Pay For

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Most of the quotes we hear today are just throw out to have something clever to say, not this one. "You get what you pay for" is a term everyone has heard, but not too many people realize how this could have an impact on your life. Some people buy Knockoffs (imitation) items to fit in or impress others. Some people just love a deal no matter how unbelievable low it could be no questions asked. Be warned trying to save yourself a few dollars, you could end up regretting your decision almost immediately after. More than not you will end up paying a higher price. On today's blog, we will tell you some things to look out for when finding deals. When Is a Deal not a Deal? It's not a deal when you receive an inferior product or service.

When you pay for a product or service the customer expects to get a good value on his or her purchase, This is not usually the case on deal that are too good to be true. Let's take a look at three examples.

1- A Moving Job

You ever had to move and you decided instead of calling those expensive companies, so you reach out to a few friends and family members. 8 out of 10 times the outcome is horrible. You rent a truck you either go over the time or you take it back before you finish. The people helping are not professionals sometimes things get broke or come up missing. Since you ask for help or paid people under the table whatever is damaged or stolen can't be replaced you are only one responsible. Now because they are helping they get to decide what they feel like moving or not. What about when you do finish that day you need to take another day off of work. Ok time to add this up one or two days loss wages. The extra money spent on the moving van. Things that have been broken or stolen needs to be replaced. Not to mention feeding everyone and if they have habits like drinking or smoking they will expect you to take care of that as well. I think it would be better just to call the Unmovers #LeonardOuzts #JoeVescey #VladCaamano

2- Auto and House repairs.

These run neck and neck when you get what you pay for. You should always find a certified professional. The compound headache and or bill if these things are not repaired right the first time. Let's say the job runs in the price range of $1000.00 to $1800.00. You call about ten places and they all say the same thing then someone recommends a guy to you. they are only charging a third of everyone else. Seems great right, wrong just like the example with the moving job who will be held liable if something goes wrong?

3- Products

I know you had a time in your life that an emergency develops when your phone charger broke or was lost. 2019 everyone needs their phone. Now you have to make a choice. Do you buy a new one from the phone store or do you get one from the discount spot? You might have saved $10-$20. Now the new charger might charge slower. It might stop working in a matter of days, weeks, or months if you are lucky. The same applies to cheap headphones. The volume might be loud enough, or one ear might not work after a couple of days. When you think about it by the time you replace the deal item three of four times, you will spend more the price of the quality item.

Listen, don't get me wrong there are still some great deals out there. You just have to take your time and to do the research. I love a good bargain, but I hate being taken advantage of. On the flip side, just because something is a name brand or priced high doesn't make it the best choice either. Your money was created with your time and hard work. So before you decide to piss it away trying to save a few dollars. Think like this "if I had a lot of money would I even consider this deal?" If not, walk away or spend a bit more save up the money that is needed to be happy and get exactly what you pay for.

Bonus: Look out for the scams, things to avoid

Call Of Action/ Was there ever a time you tried to save money and ended up paying more? If so please tell us your story. Plus tell us what did you regret as soon as you made the purchase. Do you still try to save or do you just pay the full price? Leave a Comment.

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