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You Need A Plan Just In Case...

1 Your House Catches On Fire

If your house catches on fire and you are home what would you do? Do you have a fire extinguisher in the house? Do you have a To-Go bag packed and ready? If you have a family at home who is the first person you would alert? Do you get the small children, or do you wake the adults to help gather the kids? Did you and your family sit down to discuss what to do if a fire breaks out? What to do if you guys are stuck in the house. What to do when you all get out safe, where to go, and if you get separated where is a safe place to meet up? If you do not have these emergency plans in place, please start working on them.

Here Are the Items, in my “To Go” Bag

Some emergencies cash

Debit and credit card & another piece of I.D

A set of clothes with rainwear & warm socks

Some snacks and water

Charger for my phone & a power bank

List of contact just in case I do not grab my phone

A book or two plus some writing material.

2 You Lose Your Income

Hopefully, if you ever lose your income, you have some money saved and, you are not living check to check. Let say it is not the ladder and, now you are in a bind. If covid didn't teach everyone anything else, it taught everyone is vulnerable to loss. The first thing I did was, I did a balance sheet of all my assets and liabilities. I looked at how much I owed. I figured out how much liquid cash I had on hand. I figured out how many assets; I could sell fast if need be. Next, I thought about what skills I have that can generate money. This also includes what I can learn quickly. Then I went over all my bills and put them in order of significance. Cut down on some and off if they were not important or life-sustaining. Call all your creditors and let them know about the change in your new situation. Some will work with you; put a freeze on your payments other companies might give you a hardship discount. I hate to say this but cut off your cable, stop going out to eat (even fast food). When all this is done, update your resume and start a side hustle. Brush up on old skills or learn skills for jobs in high demand.

3 The Breadmaker Or Head Of Household Leaves

When you only have one income in your house and that person is no longer there. Whether it be by separation or death, the problem still exists. The separation you will still get some support but usually, not 100%. When a person moves not, they will have to pay bills somewhere else. So, what will you do if your household income goes from 100% to maybe 33 or 25%? Is anyone in your current house able to work or have skills that could bring in any income? If not maybe in your spare time (or take some time to learn a trait that you could use immediately. I guess the same would go for that person dying. Now your income is cut off 100%. Did he or she have life insurance? Do they have any assets to leave behind? Does that person have a Will or trust in place? This will help the process of that person's assets go to the family immediately, so they will not have to struggle until all the paperwork is found and put in order. So please sit down with the whole family and make sure you guys have a plan in place.

4 Someone Commits Identity Fraud Against You

This is the act where someone gains access to your personal information. After they obtain the info, they will use it to open accounts and make purchases in your name. In some cases, this could be worse than a robber sticking a gun in your face and taking your personal belongings. A robber can only take some items that you have on you. A person committing fraud in your name can wipe out all your bank accounts or freeze them. They could make large purchases in your name to put you in debt. It will mess up your credit history in some cases they will commit crimes in your name. You could be going to jail, losing your house, and not be able to feed your family until all the investigation is complete. Even after they realized it was a case of fraud you still might be liable for some of their actions. Plus, it could take months to repair the damage caused. With modern technology, it is easier to for the crooks to get your information, but it is more way to prevent it from happening. You can put a lock on your SS# so people cannot open any new accounts in your name. You can now download your bank app so anytime a charge is made with either your credit or debit card you will be alerted. Make sure you check your credit report at least once a year and check your credit score at least once a month. If your credit score jumps up or even goes down might be a sign someone is messing with your info. The first line of defense will always start with you putting your vital records in a safe secure place and only taking them out if necessary. What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen: 14 Steps

5 You Get Hurt

We as humans take so many things for granted. The ability to see, hear, walk, amongst a bunch of other things. What would happen if you get into an accident and you can no longer walk what would you do? So many people are losing their sight to diabetes, what you do if the doctor tells you are going blind? If you break your right hand will you be able to work with your left (switch around for left-handed people)? What if you are a professional musician and, you lose your hearing. Can you adjust to your new way of life? Hopefully, none of these things will happen to you. In the case of suddenly, any of these things happen are you preparing yourself. You can learn to use your other hand. You can practice doing things in your house with your eyes close or working in the dark, so you will not have to solely depend on sight for everything. Learn to do everyday tasks without being so mobile. Maybe have the skill to work from home if you cannot make it out the bed. In today’s society, you could live a fulfilling life from the comfort of your own home without ever having to step a foot outside. The more money you have the less you might have to deal with. Like getting home deliveries from everything like food to cleaning supplies. Even if you have a dog, you could hire a dog walking service. Yes, it will not replace your mobility, but it can help ease the load. Think about the thing you most depend on and then find another way you can accomplish a task without the way you do it now.

6 You Get In Trouble With The Law

The first thing you should know is your rights. Second, comply with the officers without giving up any unnecessary information. Basically, all you should be giving them is your name and maybe your I.D. Besides that everything else is considered a statement. For example, you do not have to state where you are coming from or where you are going to or why. Find out if you are being detained or arrested. If arrested ask for a lawyer immediately. Let us take a step back research and find a lawyer now for all your needs before you need them. Just get a few of their business cards; trust me it will be worth it. The most powerful statement you can make when you are in any type of trouble is, I need to call my lawyer. After you speak with your lawyer then you tell your lawyer the truth if you hide anything from them it could hurt your case. They will tell you the best way to proceed and how to relay your version of the truth so as not to come off guilty. Even innocent people go to jail if their story has holes in it. If it is a tax problem, make sure to protect yourself by keeping a record of all your charges. If you are claiming something make sure it is within the boundaries of your status. If it is something the I.R.S will not normally look like a typical write-off, have a good reason why it needed to be done. The great thing about 2020. This is a lot of camera and time stamp devices that will give you an alibi without the need for another person vouching for you. I know this sounds crazy but always have some just in case money. Just in case you need bail, just in case you need a lawyer, just in you have an accident, just in case, you must pay a fine. Before you say I do not get in trouble with the law, it happens and sometimes it is a mistake you still want to be prepared.

7 You Lose Your I.D (away from home)

Losing your id is difficult enough, meanwhile losing your id while on vacation is a scary thing to imagine. Especially when you travel to another country or continent. If you ever lose your id at home the process to get a replacement or conduct daily task become almost impossible. Try going to a bank to withdraw some of your money or going into any government building without it. So today I am here to help or guide you with some suggestions to assist you. When you travel it is a good idea to keep a color photocopy or two of your id. Make sure you write down the number and address of the country you are traveling to U.S embassy or consulate. It is a good idea to do this before you start your journey just in case you do not have access to a phone or Wi-Fi to locate the info later. It is never a bad idea to have a calling on you just in case you need to call home for help, to someone who has access to your important paperwork just in case you need them to fax something over. Today’s in 2020 have some cryptocurrency handy, crypto is accepted worldwide. So, if you need some quick cash all you will have to do is get to any computer with Wi-Fi and then bam your money problem is out the way. Which can help pay for any additional nights you might need waiting for your emergency passport. It wouldn’t hurt to have money to eat as well lol.

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