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You Want To Get Your Life On Track? They Have An App For That.

Today we are going to discuss the importance of apps. In today's world, there are literally millions. No matter what you need or looking for they have an app for that. You want to lose weight, fix a car, find a soulmate you can with a touch of a button. In my phone, I made nine folders that contain the apps I feel will help me improve my life. If you been following my blog each week by now you know I'm all about improving myself. So let us take a look at what is on my phone.

1.Day Planner

My Daily Planner App. Monthly Budget Planner. This App is a very significant element of how my life shifted to becoming so productive. I realized so much of my day was being wasted because I didn't have a system in place. Now every night before I go to sleep I update my Monthly Budget Planner. It has a feature to link with your phone's Calendar. My alarm is set to wake me up and each task that needs to be done I set a reminder ten minutes beforehand. Why start your day if you don't know what you have to do?


My Financial Apps. T.D Bank, Capital One. Cash App, Zelle. T.D is my personal bank and Capital One is for my business. You should always keep them separate. Cash App and Zelle is just a simple way for me to transfer money to and from people. A quicker way than western Union Money Gram or walking to your bank to make an ATM withdrawal.


My Tool Apps. Calculator, Clock, Flashlight, Uber, Calm, My Transit, MeterUp, IPrint&Scan, Word Doc. The Calculator, Clock, Flashlight is self-explanatory. Uber is a car service app so you never need to stand on the corner to hail a cab again, My Transit is scheduled for all NYC public transportation. It is great it even lets you know if there are any delays. Important for people that don't want to waste time. MeterUp is an app that lets you add money to your meter when your car is parked on the streets. Right from the phone so you will never get a ticket for expired meter ever again. Calm is an app for relaxing and meditating. IPrint&Scan allows me to print documents from my phone. Which is great for on the go business. Word Doc help me in many ways from creating plain documents to spreadsheets. The app even has flyers and magazine templates. So whatever your writing needs you will be well equipped.

4.Business Apps

My Business Apps. Wix, Square Point Of Sale, Restaurant P.O.S. Wix is the company I chose to host my website. This is the reason why you get a great blog each and every Sunday. The site made it possible to bring you something refreshing and new just with the phone in my hand. Thanks to the Wix app making it easy to build and navigate to give our readers the easiest updated software tools. Square P.O.S is great for accepting payment for my business. It comes with a swipe for credit and debit cards plus a bank for chips. It even has wireless touch payment as G-pay and Apple Pay. You can even enter the numbers manual which is great for taking payments over the phone. Restaurant P.O.S is great for that little receipt you get when ordering from stores or restaurants. Using an itemized list of your orders.


My Investment Apps. Fidelity Investments, Robinhood, M1 Finance, Stock Basics. I use Fidelity Investments for my fractional shared stocks, Robinhood for my day Trades, and M1 Finance the Portfolio pie is for my retirement fund. Stocks Basics is a learning and training Apps on how finances and stocks work. It will teach you about penny stocks, ETF, and dividends.

6.Editing Programs

My Editing Apps. Adobe Premiere Clip, Power Director. Grammarly. Adobe Premiere Clip and Power Director are the two I use for all the promotional videos when on my phone it quick and easy. My voice overs, my recap amongst plenty of other projects. Sometimes I just make a video and send it to someone that might be having a bad day. These apps are great when I'm running around and need to put something together real quick. Don't get me wrong they can complete with some of the most advanced editing software. You might have to pay for their upgraded version. Grammarly is the app I use for all my writing assignments. It finds all the errors and points them out to you. This includes spelling, run-on sentences, weak or uncertain language, and intricate text like it is telling me I have in this paragraph.

7.Social Media

My Social Media Apps. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tic Tik, Linkin, Pinterest, Tumblr. Well by now you guys all have maybe one or a few of these social media apps on your phone and you can basically use them as you please. Within the realm of their guidelines and rules. I personally just them to promote my business and sometimes show the world of different skills I have potentially leading to more business opportunities. Just remember they are called social media so remember to be social.


My Security Apps. App Lock, Surf Shark VPN. I hate having to always enter a password on my phone every time I don't touch it for a few seconds. Another issue if someone needs to use my phone they don't have to keep passing it to me to gain access. With App Lock, I can choose which apps in my phone to be protected. As for a VPN I recommend any person conducting business should have this protection on their devices. It even protects you from hackers and companies from knowing which sites you visit. You know how you are on Fb and you see an advertisement for some items you were just looking at online, that will never happen again. It's your personal business and no one should know until you want them to.

9.Video and Media Players

My Video and Media Player Apps. YouTube, Whatsapp, VLC for Androids. YouTube is my go-to for learning everything app. from helping me with recipes to watching reviews on any product I'm ready to invest my money in. I listen to free audiobooks. Get great investment tips. It will also show you how to build or fix anything yourself. Whatsapp was a game-changer when I first discovered it. I travel a lot, and most of the places I travel to my cell service is down, or charges roaming costs. With Whatsapp, you can make and receive free calls as long as you have wifi access. Two new features they came out with a few years back were group chat and you can upload and send long video files. It is wonderful and worth looking into if you never heard of it. VLC for Androids this app helped more time then I can say. This is a converter that allows you to play any video or audio on your phone. There are so many formats out there that some times you will find something you are looking for online and try to watch it or listen to it and your phone will say unsupportive file; problem solved. Since I downloaded this app a few years back I never had that issue come up again. So if you are like me and you are looking for things online no one else seems to find because it could be formatted in another country now you can open it. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Today's Call Of Action Please Let Us Know Did You Find Any Of These Apps Useful? Tell Us About An App That You Downloaded And It Made Your Life A bit Easier.

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1 Comment

Carl Ravenell
Carl Ravenell
Apr 27, 2020

All good apps to look into and very efficient at what they do.

Another app, that falls in the finance section and has been a life-saver for me is "Earnin." This app allows you to borrow up to $500 dollars from your paycheck each pay period.

How it works: The app requires your current employment info. You can either submit your timesheet schedule via email or provide your day/s and hour/s of work to them via app. Once completed and "verified" the app will track the gps on your phone while you are at work to confirm you are actually there.

Benefits: Great cash flow for emergencies. Their is no "cost" when repaying what you borrowed. Simply put, if you…

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