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25 Books I Read That Changed My Life.

Everyone always the same three things. How do I get rich? How to start a successful business? What can I do to become a better version of myself? Would you believe, all of these questions plus thousands of more have the same answer? Read more books. I mean books to learn not to entertain you. Well, there are hundreds and thousands of great books with hundreds of amazing authors these are the ones that helped my life the most.

1. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (Richard Carlson)

a. Don't worry make money

2. No Excuses (Brian Tracy) - Bonus books

a. Be A Sales Superstar

b. Leadership and Motivation

c. Eat that frog

d. Reinvention

3.Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert T. Kiyosaki) - Bonus books

a. Conspiracy of the rich

4.The Millionaire Next Door (William D. Danko)

5. What Got You Here Won't Get You There (Marshall Goldsmith)

6. Simplify Your Life

7. Five Lessons A Millionaire Taught Me. (Richard Paul Evans)

8. Failing Forward (John C. Maxwell)

9. Outwitting The Devil (Napoleon Hill)

10. Overcome Any Obstacle/ No Matter What (Lisa Nichols)

11. The 4 Hour Work Week (Timothy Ferriss)

12. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People ( Stephen R. Covey)

13. The 21 Irrefutable Laws Of Leadership ( Harper Collins )

14. The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing (Al Ries & Jack Trout)

15. The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes ( Arthur Conan Doyle)

16. The Art Of Public Speaking (Dale Carnegie)

17. The Laws Of Human Nature ( Robert Greene)

18. The Greatest Networker In The World (John Milton Fogg)

19. The Compound Effect ( Darren Hardy )

20. The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing ( John C. Bogle)

21. The Little Money Bible (Stuart Wilde)

22. The Richest Man In Babylon ( George S. Clason)

23. The Willpower Instinct How Self-Control Works ( Kelly McGonigal)

24. The Obstacle Is The Way ( Ryan Holiday)

25. The Magic Of Thinking Big ( David J. Schwartz)

Today's call of action let us know if you ever heard of or read any of these books. Please tell us any favorites that you might have read. Remember the information is power please empower each other through knowledge.

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Zakia Chapman
Feb 01, 2020

I actually have one of these books. It was given to me as a gift years ago. I never even opened it. Let me go and get it lol


Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Feb 01, 2020

@Kyle brother I'm waiting for you to write a book. With all the knowledge you have given me and so many others. Please I will be the first one with a copy


Jan 31, 2020


Jan 31, 2020

I have heard of some of these books. I have not read them but heard good reviews of them. I wasn’t a reader until I had to one year. It’s then that I fell in love with reading. I have a library across the street. So I’m going to look some of these up to read.

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