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A Few Misconceptions Many People Believe!

All Hustlers Are Drug Dealers

Let me start by clearing my name aka my job title, I am a hustler. Please do not confuse it when people give me props for having the hustling skill set, by mistaking me for being a drug dealer. I do not sell drugs I do however sell everything else under the sun from tickets to plates of food. You notice the word I use to describe what I do is considered skills. Becoming a great hustler takes years to learn and you will not learn it from a book. It is like learning to speak a new language you only get better once you practice speaking with others, not just hearing it from audiobooks. The reason I am pointing this out is that drug sells itself there is no real work needed to move them. A person who is looking for drugs will find the closest person selling them. I remember traveling to Jamaica with some friends who were looking for some smoke (weed) the only question they cared to ask is who has it. A hustler must find a market for an item that he/ she is trying to sell. In most cases it is considered similar to a salesman cold calling, this is when you pick up a phone and you randomly dial a number just to see if the person will be interested in what you are selling. Try to sell a product that a person did not think they even need or want, now try that with a pair of sneakers or a set of kitchen knives. This is what a hustler do day to day everywhere they go. You ever had a person walk up to you and sell you something in the streets that is a hustle. You had no intention of buying said item until this person came by and threw a pitch at you. it is not an easy task but the ones that are able to do it consistently usually generate a lot of income. Most hustlers can take the show on the road they will be able to sell anything they have anywhere they go just with the notion that they need to make money to survive. The best part this is 100% legal and everyone can learn how to do it. Do you think the local drug dealer can do that I do not think so? Let me be clear a drug dealer is not a hustler, but a hustler can definitely become a drug dealer.

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Speaking Up And Snitching Is The Same Thing

I am here to tell you there is a difference between taking the stand and stitching on someone. When you witness a crime especially when someone is harmed it is your duty as a citizen to keep your area safe. Report the crime that goes for shooting, robberies, rapes, and most assaults. I say most assaults because if two people have a clean fight that they both agree on, no one should get involved meaning the law. If one of the two does not like the outcome of the fight, then make a police report that is snitching. If a person decides to sell some goods outside, that person is not blocking the walkway or harassing people to purchase their items whoever report them because they do not have a license that is snitching. If a person gets caught for a crime, then tells on another person to receive a reduced sentence that's snitching. Reporting a person or people doing something illegal just because you do not like them for the purpose of making them suffer that is snitching. So, to recap reported crime to keep the neighborhood and the people safe is telling the truth. To report somebody to gain leverage and get out of trouble is snitching. This topic is a whole blog by itself so we will visit this later.

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Looking Rich Better Is Just Like Being Rich?

Many people I know are caught up in the hype of keeping up with the Joneses. This is when people buy things just because everyone else has them. If a new device comes out everyone feels the need to upgrade. A week ago, two teenagers were discussing they were going to get the new iPhone. When I overheard the reason why it made me shake my head in disgust. They just wanted to be the first ones to have the phone, not because of the new features that could help improve their lives by generating them some income. The same goes for these limited-edition sneakers people stand in line for hours just to be the first ones with them. Keep in mind these are the same sneakers that everybody eventually is going to have for a fraction of the price. Another faking rich move is buying a Rolex (or other expensive items you can’t afford) because they feel that the rich people would notice and respect them. We have people wearing $600 belts and not having $600 in their bank account. Today you have parents that put children in private schools and must work a second job just to say my child goes to a great school as well. I hear all the stories when people go to the club and spend crazy amounts of money buy bottle services and making it rain (throwing money in the air on strippers). These same people are behind on the bills and cannot afford to get to work the next week. Please do not get me started on the luxury vehicles fake rich buy cars they could barely make the payments on and have problems keeping up the maintenance cost. Meanwhile, the wealthy people don’t own half these items, they will rent or lease if they need it temporarily. If they do own an expensive car, it is a classic or considered a vintage that will increase in value over time. Plus, it will not be their income or working capital that will pay for these toys but their returns from investments or bonuses from a job well done. I said this before wealthy people buy assets that will pay for their expensive lifestyle. While poor people buy liability to pretend to live like the wealthy.

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Everyone should save for a rainy day

I am not sure when people started the saying “Save for a raining day”, my question is why? 95% of the wealthy people I read about or listen to say the same thing. Only save enough money to cover your bills for six months or a year. Any money idling should be going into your investment portfolio or retirement accounts. Money sitting in a bank account will just be a waste, inflation will slowly chew away at the value. Your money is supposed to working for you, after it reaches a certain point, you will gain financial freedom and never have to work again if you choose not to. I recommend investing in stocks, real estate, other businesses and today even purchase cryptocurrency. Like anything, make sure you do your own research, and you know about the company or the area you plan to buy your property. Please search for a good deal before investing any type of money or hire a professional in that field. Find a person or company that only gets paid if you earn money. Some people will charge you for time, not gains, so if you make money, they get paid if you lose money, they get paid. Other than investing the second thing I would consider you to do is buy some assets examples of assets would be precious metals like gold, silver, maybe rare artwork, vintage cars, limited edition playing cards, rare stamps, and some expensive watches again please do your own research because not all these things will go up in value over time. Now back to saving for a rainy day, what about saving for a great investment or a large purchase. When I say save for a house, I do not mean come up with a down payment save the whole amount. If you really dedicated the average house would cost, about 10 to 15 years of saving. The other 15 years from the 30-year mortgage is you paying all the interest to the banks. If you put that money in an index fund instead of the bank that will cut 4 or 5 years off your cost. Now, what about saving so you can gain financial freedom, saving so you could take off a year or two from work. How about retiring 10 to 15 years earlier? Save so you could decide to move to a new area, now you will not have to be stressed about finding a new job immediately, once you get there. There are so many other reasons why I would rather save my money instead of saving for a rainy day. When you think about it what is the point of working if you never get a chance to enjoy any of the money?

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Buying Your Children Everything Makes You A Great Parent.

This is another misguided notion, the more you spend on your child the more you care about them. When in some cases it is exactly the opposite the more you spend, the more time you need to stay at work to make money? If you are working longer hours that takes away from the time you could be spending with your children. Why do you think is a direct correlation between spoiled kids, having daddy issues, drugs, and behavioral problems? Children are seeking the attention they do not want the material things they want the time. Instead of working extra shifts to send your child to what you consider the best private schools use that extra time to stay at home to learn and study with them. Perfect example my father sent me to the barbershop every other Saturday. Each time we spent almost two hours in there waiting for our haircuts. I do not remember a solid two-hour straight with my dad on any Saturday. He had to work and when he got home it was late and he was always tired. I do not know about anyone else, but I felt it would have been better to spend that two hours with him instead of looking sharp for school on Monday.

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School is the only way to become successful.

Yes, schools produce some of the wealthiest people today. However, today the number of people who quit school and become successful is growing at an astonishing rate. I hate to say this for the people that never heard this before. School is a place to network and meet the right people, I do not think it is really a place to learn especially when you in college, where you basically learn on your own. You do not need a professor to tell you what books to read or keep giving you homework. You could study anytime you want by yourself. Here is another fact, you can meet the same people from the local college at a bar a party and become friends you do not have to drop 100 grand. Paying for a degree you might not ever use. You can meet more successful people through social media today than you can in college plus you can find the ones that are already successful compared to the student just getting started. Successful people might not be the smartest, but they have great work ethics with discipline. The school will not make you a successful person, it will teach you how to deal with a bunch of roadblocks starting with climbing out of debt.

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Money will make you happy.

Money will make you happy, I am curious who gave you that false information. Was it something you told yourself or is it something another person told you? I read an article on how many rich people feel lonely and suffer from depression. If you watch an interview, with someone who is filthy rich they will tell you that they enjoy what the money allowed them to do, but it never made them happy. The Happiness came from working on a project they loved not the money they received from it. When you have money, your job becomes finding a way to protect yourself from losing all the money. When you have money, everyone wants a handout including Uncle Sam. When you start to have money, everything changes; the people you hang around, treats you differently, the places you go change. When you shop the store might not carry your size just like someone without a lot of money. Not to mention if happen to be rich and famous, you will lose your privacy and you cannot go to a regular place, no more corner stores no more doing a load at the public laundry mat. You cannot even shop at the mall without getting harassed. Could you imagine going out with your family and people constantly coming up to you talking to you out of nowhere? What about owning a business 5 to 5000 families can go hungry if your company closes. You are not only responsible for your family but every employee that depends on you. Then you have the people that might be plotting to rob, fight, or even kidnap you. When people find out you have money everyone is trying to sue you or slander your name. You are never sure if the people are around, you because they like you or want some of your money. Having money does not make you live longer or help you have a better relationship with your friends and family. Having money does not mean you never work again. When you have money, you still get upset, sad, hurt, and feel pain. Sometimes having money could put you in isolation from others. When you have money, people expect you to always be happy. People expect you to do things on a grand scale when sometimes you just might want to have a small wedding or get some food from the dollar menu without people calling you cheap. It is kind of sounding like when a person has money they life become more about making other people happy than making themselves happy.

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