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Who Are You Mad At?

1. Your Teachers?

Are you mad at your teachers for not teaching the things you wanted to learn? Are you mad, for not always getting an A even when you did not study or completed all the homework assignments? Are you mad at them for giving you so much useless work to learn? Are you mad at your teachers for always embarrassing you in class asking you to answer the questions? Or maybe that you are an adult, your life did not turn out the way you wanted from lack of education? It is their fault for not teaching you about the field of work you chosen to go in. Could it be after you graduated you stopped picking up books to read?

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2. Your Boss?

Are you mad at your boss because you cannot afford the bills you created for yourself? Maybe you are mad at him/her because you cannot get the day off after you use all your personal and sick days. I know you are mad when business picks up and you must work the full eight hours. What about the cheapskate that will not give you the raise every few months that you deserve? I know you are mad when you are going to get fired because you call out often and late all the time. You are paid to do a job the purpose of hiring you in so the business will grow. If the company does not grow, or you don’t complete your task every day why do you feel you should be paid your full income? If you are frequently late 5, 10, and 15 minutes over time that adds up to hours and weeks. The question I always ask is if you were your boss would you be happy with yourself?

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3. Your Spouse?

Are you mad when they complain you never spend time with them? Living together does not technically mean you guys are spending time with each other. Are you mad at them for never helping with the financial responsibility of the household? Did you talk about what they can contribute, or you just told them what they have to pay? What about when they ask you to clean up after yourself, they are so annoying right. I know you are mad when you are home early because your plans change, so now you feel that they should drop everything and come home to sit with you (bored). You are mad when you feel like they give the children too much attention. Instead of you bonding with the children together. What about all the time they nag you about going out on a date. You get mad when they find other people to hang with. Why not learn to communicate better and or compromise a little more, you are a team, and no one wins by themselves.

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4. Your Friends?

Doesn’t it make you mad when you call your friends to hang out last minute and they do not drop everything to be there? I guess they are not good friends. How about when you ask to borrow money. They will tell you they don’t have any (you know it’s their payday). Not to mention you did not pay them back the last two times they borrowed. What makes it worst they always ask for the money back at the wrong time like Christmas (why didn’t they ask last month when I had it)? I know you are mad every time you ask them to do something they have to run it by their wife or husband (I am glad I do not have any issues like that, I am single lonely but single)? I get mad when my friends keep inviting me out when I want to stay in the house, then I hate when they do not ask me out. In my mind, a friend is supposed to help me out every time I’m in need, and not to burden me with their problems. That is a good friend!

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5. Your Parents?

Are you mad at your parents for dropping the ball and not raising what you consider the right way? Are you still mad at them for not buying you all the things you wanted growing up? The same things you are not buying your children today. Are you mad at them for making you do chores in exchange for allowance that is called a job like the one you do now for a stranger? Are you mad at them for all the beaten you received telling yourself (I was not that bad)? Are you mad at them for all the times they sent you to the store to get food and making you wash the dishes after you eat the free food? Are you mad at them for giving you a curfew keeping you safe in the house, I know that messed up your social life? are you mad at them for making you finish your homework before you watch TV? Teaching you to learn before you entertain. Are you mad at them because they did not spend enough time with you? Maybe if you didn’t need so much, they would have worked fewer hours? If you feel they did so bad of a job why are you so much like them today?

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6. Yourself?

One of my favorite authors Brian Tracy wrote a book titled no Excuse. This book teaches you that everything is your fault. It might not be directly your fault but the way you handle it becomes your fault. You can only control what you do in life you cannot control what anyone else does to you. So, take a real good look at all these topics we discuss in this blog, tell me you don’t see the role you play. If your teachers did not teach you enough, why didn't you learn more after school or when you finished school? If your boss did not pay you enough or would not give you time off, stop wasting your vacation and sick days. If things are that bad at work, why don’t you get another job or work for yourself? If your spouse is always complaining look at what you are doing the cause this. If he/she were so much of a headache, why did marry them in the first place? If you are always mad at your friends for letting you down maybe not depend so much on them. Or could it be you are too needy? This one makes me so sick of hearing. it is my parents’ fault, you in your 30s, 40s, and 50s anything after you moved out the house or even before then you had a choice to do your own thing. You know like the time when you did not listen to your parents while you were living under their roof. As a teenager, you did what you wanted to do which was you changing your life. The time when you first got a job it was your choice to improve your situation. The bottom line is the only person that you could be mad at in this world is yourself. So, If you want to blame, be upset with, or mad at anyone you never have to look far.

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