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5 Basic Rules To Living A Happy Life.

1. Eat Healthily

Out of the five things to make people happy, I think this is the one I struggle with the most. The sad part is I know better. I want the perfect body with the strength and endurance to go with it. I love eating fruits and Vegetables. Can I live off of them alone, it remains to be seen or should I say done? Growing up, I would always tell people I live to eat. Now that I'm older, wiser, and living with aches and pains, I now choose to eat to live. You want to know the difference here it is; When I found something that I enjoyed, I would eat a lot of it. Pass the point when I was already full. The next problem was it was never the right kind of foods to fuel my body. Now I take a different approach I eat things that will help my body run till its full potential. I found in doing this change I no longer eat as much or as many times as I used too. I noticed I have more energy; I sleep better at night. It has only been a month, and I do see the change and feel my weight coming down. So I will continue this way of eating for the next 30 plus years. Ok, I will have a treat here and there.

2. Try New Things

I can't speak about any of you but, I was always that guy. You know the first one to jump in the pool, the first to ask the girl at the party to dance. You can even ask my best friend when we went skydiving; I was the first one to jump out of the plane. When we are on the cruise, and there are new dishes we never heard of, I would try a small amount. Everyone sitting my table would turn to me and say at the same time "How is It"? From Jetskiling to Snowmobiling, I tried without any training or experience. I went to Jamaica, Honduras, and Mexico by myself. I didn't know anyone who lived there; I just wanted to go. 90% of the things I love doing today are a result of me seeing something and maybe being bored and, I would say, I want to try that. Most of my relationships or should I say relations were random and spontaneous. I guess what I am saying is if you want to be happy, take a chance, Shoot your shot (as the kids say), make sure you keep trying new things.

3. Invest In Your Future

When I say invest in your future, there are more ways than just money. Investing, time in ourselves like reading and studying. People feel that studying and learning is only when in school. I'm here to tell you I've have learned more stuff in the past five years than all 14 years in school. Never did I get left back I went to college, yea you guys look at me and think I was a drop out lol. Learning is the top of investing for me. The next is money. It is two ways that come to mind for me. The first is to invest in yourself. Building your skills set, you will need to pay for classes, coaches, books, training courses, and, as stated above, your diet. The second one will come after you did the first one and not before. Learn how to invest your money. Look into real estate, stocks, bonds, precious metals, and other great opportunities. The more advanced you are, the better you will understand how to invest. If someone advised me if I would have invested $10,000 in Amazon stocks in 1997. I would be a millionaire today; this would have been a different blog, or maybe a magazine by now. Now the advice I'm giving to my readers, find something to invest in stop spending your money. 1997 was stocks like Apple, Amazon, and a few other tech companies. Today's wave is Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or if you can't afford it. Try a new coin like Cardano and Basic Attention Token. Investing in real estate is not buying a home you will live in. Investing means buying homes, land, multi-family, and commercial building to rent to other people. Just remember the money you claim you don't have to, invest today will be the same money that could help you retire early tomorrow. Trust me this will definitely make you happy.

4. Travel

I love to travel if I had a million-dollar, today I would book a cruise that lasts a few months. Waking up each day in a new place is a; wonderful feeling. Do you know how you feel when you are watching a movie or T.V show? The destinations they choose to film. You always say I wish I was there or oh man that looks like I would have a great time there. Some people go as far as to write down all the places they want to visit. Like, a bucket list of some sort. People; were not meant to stay in one part of this world. Trust me a well-planned vacation to a new place will always bring a smile to your face. You can travel by plane, train, automobile but even a nice long walk to a new area in your city will do. The best part about traveling is you can go to the same place, at a different time of the year with a different person, and it will feel like a brand new place. So the next time you leave your house go the opposite way you would normally go and think about how it makes you feel.

5. Surround Yourself With Positive People

The best way to be happy is to surround yourself with happy people. You are the sum of the five people around you. That is the same as surrounding your with millionaire well you know where I'm going with this. I can proudly say I have a great circle. My circle consists of Walt Dogz, Needa B, Zoo Banger, Amir C., Claudia, Alisa, Tylena, Shannon Lambert, and my son Dio. It took me years to find a group like this, but it was worth the wait. I'm happy every single one of these people around me provides me with more positive feedback when I need it. I believe I do the same for them. When we are around each other or on the phone, we seem to all be happy. Now go out there and find your happy group!

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