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5 Rules For Dating My Child

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1. Respect

Let's start with respect; respect is the most important on my list of rules today. First; you are required to respect your parents if you don't why would you dispense any to me or their mother? Second, make sure you give my child the utmost respect in and out of the public. This is a no brainer you need to value yourself. A person that doesn't respect themselves has no integrity. Suggesting they are liable to do anything to justify a point even if it hurts someone's feelings. To me, disrespect in any form is a deal-breaker. I walked away from a few relationships when the line of respect was crossed.

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2. Loyalty

Loyalty is more than just cheating on someone. Loyalty is never discussing them behind their backs to others. Loyalty is passing up on something if you know it would affect or hurt your partner is anyway. Loyalty is never double-crossing someone that means a lot to you. Loyalty is never having to second guess a decision when it comes to putting that person first. So many people know what it means but so little people show the traits of it in their relationships. If you are not sure what to do just ask yourself how would I feel if someone did that to me?

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7 Little Ways To Build Loyalty In Your Relationship

3. Educated

This one should be what everyone wants for their child's spouse or friend to be. They don't to be an Einstein, simply please don't be a Harry and Lloyd (Dumb and Dumber). You would want the person to know more than where they grew up or the food they eat. You would like for them to well-versed in different areas. If they have a different culture or background then my child does, do a little research on our lifestyle. This way you will have an understanding of what you are getting into if things get serious. I would like for the person they are dating to tell me about the books they read. I don't want to hear only about their favorite sports team or T.V show. Tell me some places you visited or plan to go to. I want to hear about your views on what you like about your career choice and the city you live in. The reason I said like because if you are not happy why are you settling? If you will settle for things like that are you really happy with my child? It's ok if you are not the smartest person in the room as long as you continue to learn. If all you do is repeat stuff you saw on the news or second-hand negative things on the street and never research for yourself my child is not the person for you.

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The qualities of a truly educated person

4. High Self-esteem

People with low self-esteem brings a lot of unnecessary problems in any relationship. They feel that they are good enough to be with the person they are with to begin. This 90% of the time leads to jealous feelings. Please don't try to invite them out with you to a function at your place of work or with family. They will become uncomfortable and assume you are not giving them enough attention. If it seems like you are having fun without them suspicions will arise. Either you are cheating on them with someone there or you are no longer happy with them. Now they will feel like you are going to leave them. Sooner or later they will become depressed stop maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Stop worrying about their appearance stop tend to eat more junk food and won't exercise as much. After all of this wonder why you are getting more distance from them. No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer. They feel everyone is smarter than them. Other peoples like family and co-worker's households and relationships are better than the ones they currently are in. There is no way they can become rich and successful it's not meant for them. They are always planning and have goals they just never finish or even start them. The reason being they tell themselves it won't be good enough when they do it. Is this the type of person you want dating your child? I KNOW I DON'T

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5. Supportive

A supportive person will act as your child's very personal cheerleader when they are feeling defeated. That person will always be there to pick up your child when they are feeling dispirited. On top of that, they will never let them give up on their dreams. They will hold their hand and walk them through any circumstances. That person will back them even when they don't agree with everything they do. At the same time, knowing when to check that person, so they don't do something that will leave them with a life long regret. Support is allowing them to win a dispute that is not important just to keep the peace. It is assisting them when you see they need help without them even asking. You all heard the saying "What's Mine Is Your And Your Is Mine"

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9 Steps to Becoming a Supportive Partner

Today's Call Of Action. Tell us if your child is dating someone you don't approve of. Let us know if there is anything we left out for the rules.

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