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5 Signs You Need A Job.


1. No Discipline When It Comes To Working For Yourself.

Going to work could be challenging, but going to work for yourself might be even more arduous. Some people feel working for yourself is simple. You get to make tons of money; you get to make your hours. You are the boss, so you don't have to work hard. If you are having any of these thoughts, you need to get a job. First working, for yourself, it could take months or years before you turn a profit. Whichever field you decide to be in, you will need; to constantly learn and improve your skills in that profession. This is not a 6-week course or a 3-month class. You will need to continue learning for as long as you want to flourish. Your new business will determine the hours you work, not you. Some day you might only work 4 hours other days could be 18. Let me clear up a common misconception most people believe. If you are the boss, you will always work harder than your employee. Just because you don't see the boss in the office and you might see pictures of them on vacation, doesn't mean they have it easy. For big firms and companies, they have so many lawyers fighting lawsuits, so many fines they have to pay, just so, people could keep their jobs. Basically, their full-time job becomes keeping the business going. Are you ready for all of that?

2. Fear Of The Unknown

The fear of the unknown could be the number one cause of people needing jobs. People need the security of getting paid for working a certain amount of hours. If I work x amounts of hours, I know I will get paid; x amounts of money on this day. So when it comes to working for yourself, the thought of what if happens. What if no one buys my product, what if no one hires me to do a job today? What if I make $2000 this week but only make $200 next week? Most people would rather; take a nickel today than to invest it and maybe get a quarter in three days. It is with this mentality that keeps people safe and comfortable. You ever heard of "big risks big rewards"? Well, these people live by the creed of a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

3. When You Don't Have Health And Life Insurance

The next topic we will discuss is about the insurance coverage. Today's insurance policies in America is too pricey for most. So the way most Americans find a way to be covered in with employment. When people look for work, they tend to find jobs that have mediocre pay with great benefits. I guess it doesn't dawn on people if you increase your salary you will be able to afford the coverage without the job. If you feel you can producing income on your own, get a job.

4. When You Can't Sustain Your Financial Habits.

When you want to smoke a drink or party, and you need to borrow the money, get a job. I don't see how someone can ask to; borrow money to support a habit they have. To me, habits are more like hobbies and should only be done, if you have the finances to support them. To the people loaning these people money, think about this. You go to work and make $20-$50 an hour, now your friend or family come and borrows the same amount you make an hour. They buy a drink or something to smoke, either weed or cigarettes with the money. It takes them five to ten minutes to finish their habit. (Let's not forget it took you an hour for them to run through in ten minutes.) What do you think they will do now? Yep, they will ask the next person and the next person until they owe so many people by the time they receive any money, A few people are not getting paid back, you might be on that list. Do you want to know what can stop this? Them being at work where they can't drink or smoke on the job. The best part is now they have their own money to waste. When someone comes to borrow money from you, tell them to go, borrow a job!

5. Get Off Your Parent's Payroll

This last one will be the saddest and funniest one. Sad because these kids don't have a clue, funny because of how they behave. Some children want to be grown, but refuse to grow up. They want to have some company over, put food in the fridge that no one else can touch. Get the latest fashion of gear. All the new devices and you want your parents to pay for all of this. You can find a job ( because you wake up at noon every day) but, you still need money for a haircut; If you a young lady, your nails did. It is funny how your kids never have money for bills, but they are always going out. Coming into the house with bags and take out food. They are on their parent's phone plan so, they don't have to pay the bill. As soon as you need them to do something for the house or themselves, they need their parents to give them money. The house ran out of toilet paper; they need money to get more. The laundry is piling up; they need the quarter to wash them. Let you tell them no, you don't have money them; then everything wrong in their lives is your fault. You tell them to get a job; some kids would rather move out than get a job. I have seen parents go out and buy their grandkids' (clothes, pampers, milk) supplies because their kids won't get jobs. Scratch that I change my mind ALL KIDS NEED TO GET A JOB. Then save up enough to start their own business.

Bonus Videos

Today we won't have a call of action, this week I just want to leave you with a statement. If you are hanging around people that need a job, they don't have the issue YOU DO. Surround yourself with better people. This is not for the people that have money and never need to borrow you are good, keep doing what you are doing.

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Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Aug 10, 2020

@Bradley Hughj great point. And too add to your statement other countries teach their children to work as a community to build up wealth.


Bradley Hughj
Bradley Hughj
Aug 10, 2020

Get a job or end up like many other lazy bums! It’s all parenting sometimes as well because kids from foreign countries are usually one hundred times more responsible then American kids rich or poor and that’s because the foreign kids have had the harsh realities of starving or facing the unknown(without a drinking or party habit) as kids, so they learn the disciplines of work for reward more than a American kid who are either a trust fund child or who’s parents have been on welfare all of there life’s and everyone in the household pretty much wakes up at 2pm in the afternoon. Strive for better people !!! And don’t blame any other adult but yourself for your…

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