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5 Things I Want To Be Better At...

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1.Public Speaking

Out of all the things in this blog today I would have to say getting better at public speaking is my top to-do. I love helping people, I speak with small groups all the time. What I need is to go in front of a crowded convention center with over a few thousand people attending. I heard that when you speak to a group of ten people only get about two to four that will pay full attention. Even worst, there may only be one of them who will keep the information and use it. That is why the world is run by the 1%. So, with me speaking to thousands I will change a few hundred people's lives. My issue is I have a fear of speaking to large groups. When I speak to a group over ten, I lose focus trying to look at people’s reactions trying to keep everyone engaged. I must deal with the truth of everyone is not going to be on the same page, everyone is not going to like what I am speaking about. I cannot please everyone, and I must be ok with that. I need to put the information out there and let the people take what they want from it. Plus make sure I leave time for the questions and answer portion. What I do know the only way to get better is to keep going out there, start at small venues and grow, with each time my confidence is growing. Right now, I am home building up my content and research so I will be ready as soon as the world is open and ready for me. I will be the best motivational speaker the world has ever heard.

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9 Ways That Anyone Can Be a Better Public Speaker


I am just going to say it, my learning skills suck. I am not a one and done person. I must read the same book two or three times; I must watch the same video five or six times. When I do learn something, I must do it over and over just to retain that skill. You want an example I forgot how to edit a video. A few years back I was editing people music videos, now I must brush up lol that is a nice term, meaning learning from the beginning again. I want to be able to learn how to learn faster and better. Better in my opinion is when I can retains what I have learned forever and in half the time. I know they have a learning app for that somewhere I better learn to find it lol.

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How to Become a More Effective Learner


"Yea I heard you," and "I know what you said". Five minutes later I'm asking the person I just spoke with; "tell me again I forgot what you said." That used to be me. Here is another problem, I kept cutting people off while they were still talking. How can you listen to when you are talking? Yes, I am much better at listening compare to before. Now that I am really listening, I realize I do not care what most people are talking about. Now it becomes a matter of being more respectful to other people. This last year I became the person I wanted to be. I communicate 75% better I want that other 25%. Now both my ears are open, and my mouth is closed. I try not to give unsolicited advice; I now know some people just want to vent. Being a better listener is not just about listening, it also requires not to judge the person talking. Not sharing other people’s business with others. So today instead of "what did you say?" I am like; "So, what you mean is?"

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10 Steps To Effective Listening

4.Forgiving People

Usually, when you forgive someone you do not forget. Yes, I have been forgiving a bunch of people over the years, but I always remember what they have done to me. So, let me ask you is that really forgiving? I am working on that next level of forgiving. Most people I forgive today has a clean slate with me like it never even happens. I no longer mention the post or bring up what you might do. Last year I even destroyed my little black book of people that owed me money. I do not lend money to anyone, so I changed, and I do not expect the world to change for me anymore. People only do to you what you allow them to do. So, in a way, I am trying to forgive people for something I did to myself. By getting better I am learning how not to put myself in a position to have to forgive anyone.

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5 Strategies for Forgiving Others


I do not know what it is about exercising that makes most people quit. We all know it is good for our health. We all want the body that it produces. Why when the average person thinks about it, we refer to it as a punishment instead of a reward. We want the results without the commitment. I tell myself every night, tomorrow I will start. Every morning I find other so-call important things that need to be done instead. I even got up some mornings did about ten push-ups and wow now on a roll. The bad part that will be the only push-ups for that day and the next rep will take place about a week for then. I now understand consistency is more important than intense. If I would have kept up with the ten every morning, then I would have gradually increased the workout. After about six months I might be up to a 15-minute workout plan. I want everyone to know I am making progress. I take a 2 to 3 mile walk every day. I do 20 pushups and sit-ups before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. After all these years and thanks to YouTube, I started a few yoga exercises (I thought I would never try yoga). I am getting better, but I still have a long way to go. The best part is I do not feel the pressure I look forward to exercising now.

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