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6 Things Successful People Do Everyday!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

1. Wake Up Early

Waking up early; is just the tip of the iceberg, for a successful person. It is what they do with the extra time. This time is applied for most of their preparation for the day ahead. Washing up, exercising, meditating, eating a healthy breakfast, checking and replying to emails, going over their daily planner, and beating rush hour traffic getting to the office before the majority of the world even opens their eyes.

I'm not telling people if you wake up early you will become rich and successful. What I am pointing out is if you utilize the extra time, you will become prosperous and more accomplished in life. I have friends that stay up until 2, 3 o'clock in the morning and won't wake up until the afternoon and complain about not having money. I have friends that wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning just because it takes them two hours to get ready for work. In these wasted hours where your body could at least be getting the proper rest. Time is our most valuable asset, if you are not using it right you will have a lot of regrets in your elder years. Trust I am living proof, If I hear one more say "If only I could go back 20 years." Well, teach your children not to waste the same 20 years.

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2. Have Their Days Planned Out

So we just touched on getting up early, here is the key to making that all worthwhile. Have goals and plans in place to optimize all the extra time. You should have an idea of what type of future you want for yourself. If that is the case, at least three important things should be in place. One set a three month, six months, one year, and five-year goal in place for you to reach. Having a time table of projects completed will always help you hit your marks. If you hit your three months goal, there is no reason you won't hit your 6 months and so on and so on. Two same goes for a daily planner, weekly planner, and monthly planner. Three never stop learning and researching the field that you are in. No matter what type of job or company you work for, there will always be someone out there ready to outperform you plus knock you out the box.

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3. Say No To Everything

One of the greatest investors and most esteemed man of our time Warren Buffet stated if you want to be successful learn to say no all the time. This is not meant to be nasty or rude, but to be respectful of your own business and personal time. He goes on to say if you take every meeting that comes across your lap when do you have time to work on your important projects. Every opportunity is not always the best one for you. The same goes for every merger and taking money from any investors. Half the time we do things we don't want to just to be kind and helpful to others. You have to remember if you are too nice people will take advantage of you. Just like the people that feel if a person is rich he or she should take care of everyone that needs help. You are forgetting one thing that might be the single most reason why so many people stay poor. Instead of getting on their feet first, they keep assisting others either with their time or money. This is a sure-fire way to never get ahead in life. I said this before and stand behind it being poor is a choice. Time to time a person might lose some money and become broke but 9 times out of 10 they will always make it back. Help yourself first, if you ever flew on a plane the first announcement they will make; if the plane gets in trouble and the airbags deploy, put them on yourself before you attempt to help anyone else. This goes for parents as well that feels the natural thing to do is help your children first. NO, not this time if you pass out who will take care of your children then? HELP YOURSELF FIRST. This all starts with saying no!!!

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4. Do The Important Things First And The Non Important Things Not At All.

Everyone has the same 24 hours a day. The differences between a successful person and the average person are their work ethics. Successful people tend to get important work done in order of significance. If the project is not going to improve the business, they will push that chore to the bottom of the list. They always pay people to do the job that is considered a waste of their time. These jobs are usually cooking, cleaning, and driving. That is why most rich, successful have chefs, maids, and chauffeurs. Unsuccessful feel that hiring these people to do your household chores is a waste of money. Let's think of it like this if you make $30 or more at your job, and it takes you two hours a day to complete these tasks, you could have missed out on $60. Now, if you were to pay someone $10 or $15 an hour while you work, you still profit $30 or $40. That is how a business is ran. Here is an example: you have a business with a great product, each employee makes the business 100 plus dollars an hour you pay the employee $20 an hour. You make $80 an hour profit. If you have 10 employees that is $1000. an hour. Your job now becomes finding more employees, learning how to expand the business, or finding a way to reinvest the profits into other ventures. This might sound simple but it is a reason why only a small percentage stands out. They know what is important and what tasks they will never need to do themselves. If you don't believe me find out how many rich and famous people actually operate their own social media pages.

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5. Learn, Earn, Invest, Save Then Spend In That Order.

Number 5 is quite simple. You need to learn a skill in order to make money. The better you are at the said skill the more you can charge someone for hiring you. Once you are earning the money, look to buy assets. Enough assets will soon cover your cost of living. When you have assets covering your cost of living you now need to save the extras for emergencies or more potential investment. Now you are what they consider to being wealthy. Your wealth is determined by how long you can sustain your lifestyle without ever having to work again. In life, you should always increase your skills to raise your worth, increase your investment if you want to upgrade you, or your family lifestyle, and then you can buy all the toys you want. When I say toys I mean cars, houses, vacations, clothes to name a few. As long as your assets keep growing you will never have to worry about going broke ever again.

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6. Read All The Time.

Reading is a common denominator with all highly successful people. The catch is they read to learn and improve themselves. Yes, from time to time they will read something entertaining. This world changes every day, so if you are not continually seeking out new information, you will be lost in less then a year. The reason we read so many biographies of other victorious people is simple. We will learn how they got to where they are in life and more importantly all the mistakes they made along the way. It is said you will learn twice as much from your mistakes than you will from your wins. Reading will give you someone's whole journey from beginning to end in a matter of hours or days, depending on how fast you read. You know you can watch a movie based on a true story in less than 2hrs. After the movie ends you feel like you were apart of that person whole life all the good times and bad times. The best part about books it will give you much more details. A movie will show you the story the director wants you to see. With the book, you will paint your own picture and your imagination make it feel like you were part of the events. I'm not telling you to read 5hrs a day like Warren Buffet, or even an hour like me. I'm just stating what seems to be a fact the more you read, the more you will learn which correlates to becoming more successful. Not just my thoughts but the thoughts of so many others. You don't, believe me, I dare you to read about it and find out.

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Doc Mar-q Minus
Doc Mar-q Minus
Jul 10, 2020

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