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Father's Day is a Joke and No One Is Laughing

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Some people will feel I come across as bitter on this blog. Then there are others that will respect what I have to say. Let's take a look at Mother's day one month before father's day. The kids make cards, the husbands or father's give them money to get dresses up and go out. Almost every business offers some type of mother's day sale. Most restaurants and shows are booked up or sold out if you didn't reserve your spot weeks in advance. Everyone in the household gets together, to fix up the house plan a great home cooked meal or everyone has a gift to give mom. A bunch of mothers get together and go out for drinks, a brunch or a club depending on the group. Mothers usually get a baby sitter and spend their day without their children it's a break from kids for them.

This Is The Way Fathers Get Treated

Now let's take a look at fathers day. We get a tie or a watch and maybe a card. Most the fathers today have to plan their own day out. Which leads to a basketball tournament or a cookout unless they take themselves out. When was the last time you heard of a group of fathers all meeting up to go out for father's day? For some strange reason, it is a day that most people think fathers should spend with their children. All that say to me is you are not a full-time father and you need to spend time with your child. As far as the restaurant and shows are concerned there is never a wait or a line to get into these places. No one is taken fathers anywhere and if they do most of the time he ends of paying for everything. There are some women, wives and children that makes this day special for him can't overlook that. It's just no way compares to any other holidays for that matter. Even Labor day get more attention than father's day and half the people don't even know why that is a holiday. Fathers are not getting a bunch of discounts or offer on their day we get a Happy Father's Day and that's it. Please understand this is for the fathers that is there everyday not the ones that just had babies and left.

Thank You Marlon Randolph and Funnyman Kenny Ken for addressing this question:

Do you feel it is appropriate for your children or step kids to text you Happy Father's dad or should they are least give you the respect of picking up the phone. What time of the day should that call be made? Early morning, Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night time, Or it's okay as long as it is before 12 am the next day?

Even The Song They Make Is Not About Us On Our Day

The purpose of this blog is not to say a woman shouldn't have all the praises they receive. We men just want some of the respect of having the child at the same time! We been here the whole time as well make our appreciation day just as you would mother's day.

I want to send a special shout out to the fathers I had in my life first my Biological Dad Richard Toxey (R.I.P) my first mentor, Carlton Poole (my stepdad), Uncle Ant (my favorite Uncle), Mr. Jones, Roscoe (who is still teaching me everyday).

Here is a list of fathers that did a great job rising their children

Alonzo Kimbrough, Jet lag Ash, Biscuit, Big Bro Kyle, Big Lou, Cousin Rich, Bill, Chris King, Curtis Mann, D.J Francis, Goodz Da Animal, Lenny Green, Jamie Roberts, Jason my Puerto Rican brother, Jay Rell, Jeff Parker, Jeremy, Jerome Amazing, John Jackson, J.P, Kenny Mercer, Kenny Q (cousin), Kenny Williams, Lester Prince, Lil Diamond Dave, Tee Toxey, Marcus Madness, Mc Kinnley, Roscoe,Mike Green eyes (lil Brother), Mooche, Mugsy, Omar Johnson, Omar Thomas, Oscar Garcia, Pauly New Metro), Poppy (Good Luck Chuck), Raheim Wilson, Russell, Sean Doe, Sean Johnson, Jamel (god brother), Peewee, Shannon Lambert, Ryan (slim), Zoozie, Will Wright, Funnyman Kenny Ken, Marlon Randolph, M.J.B, Gato. Chuck (lil Brother) there are so many more but these of the ones I have been around. So if you come across any of them make sure you say good job thank you for being our village.

Ladies how do you feel about this blog? Fella is there anything you wish to add please leave a comment we would like to hear from you.

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What Now
Jul 16, 2019

Unfortunately, the few outweigh the many. There are way to many absentee fathers in the world, then those brothers who put there kids first and foremost. Even the cats that are superb fathers are just recognized as doing what there suppose to be doing anyway.  Plus normally the sacrifice and tribulations a lot of women go through raising kids seem to outshine anything good dads can do. I think if more dads took charge of the raising of the kids and more dads were present in there kids lives, totally. Then one day maybe Mother’s Day and Father’s Day would both share the spotlight. Maybe! (Written by Stephen Hewett)


Jun 19, 2019

Good read!!! Keep expanding cousin. You’re 3 feet from gold.


Benjamin Gibbs
Benjamin Gibbs
Jun 18, 2019

Great article !!! And a much needed raised subject. Respect 👏🏾 to all standup bros being there for children.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the bros who who stepped up being a father to those who biological aren’t around. ...Salute✊🏾


Jun 18, 2019

Great article keep up the good work thanks for the shoutout


Jeffrey Parker
Jeffrey Parker
Jun 18, 2019

ThatTh a cycle of father's not being around that needed to be broken thanks for the shoutout and happy fathers day my brother

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