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It Could Happen To You...

You Could Get Sick

People are always advising others what they should do when they get sick. How they should eat, sleep, and exercise. My favorite is when they brag about how healthy they are themselves. Through no fault of their own, they end up getting a similar type of illness. Now, all that great advice they have been presenting over the years they won't even use. Instead of eating right or using the other home remedies, they will run right to the doctor. What changed; is the advice they gave no longer valid? Is their illness somehow more grave? I think it is plain and simple if a person never went through what the other is going through; they don't have the right to tell anyone else how to deal with it. When you are sick, you should handle it the best way you see fit.

Lose A Loved One

One of the hardest things to do is to lose a loved one. How we deal with someone dying is up to us. Everyone has a right to grieve in their way. I suggest we should focus more on our living members. Why do we wait until someone close to us past to convey our love for them? If a friend's mother dies, we all feel sympathy for that person, but how many of us pick up the phone to call our mother; or go to their house and spend time with them? No matter how old or young; a person can pass in an instant. In my opinion, we should make time for our loved ones. Yes, so many get caught up in their careers to make money to give their family a better life. I can't speak for anyone else but, I would have been happy with spending more time with my father. The more hours he worked, the more material items he brought us. My father passed away in 1998. All I have is a few memories of when he was home asleep or getting ready to leave out for work. I don't remember playing with him in the park, him taking us on any family vacations, or just going to the movies. We did have a bunch of food in the house but seldom did he show up to eat with us at dinner time. I do remember the nice birthday and Easter outfits he brought me but wasn't around when I got any of the compliments. I remember going to school in the latest fashion but it was never him dropping me off. In 1995 my father stopped working. I started a messengers company in 1994. My dad decided to work with me. In the three years from 95-98, we bonded more than my entire life. Riding together every day, we learned so much about each other. It didn't feel like he was my father; it felt more like a new co-worker that I had a connection with. Now that I look back at all those years wasted. I would have traded all the outfits, toys, games and cash just to have had a few more years with my dad exactly like his last three.

Could Become Homeless

There are numerous reasons how people can become homeless. People think money is the only reason, yes; it could be the underline reason but maybe not the main reason. Some factors can cause homelessness, here are three that comes to mind.

Loss of employment salary might go down or a real high rent increase and, you can't any longer afford the rent.

Horrible credit, a person might have a good job and money but, the landlord doesn't want to take a chance of renting to an individual.

Bad at money management. You make enough money but you are living check to check sooner or later an unexpected bill might set you back and cause you to fall behind on all your bills. Not knowing how to make cutbacks or change your spending habits could lead to you becoming homeless.

Another one that might be overlooked and a big cause of homelessness is a breakup or fight in the family. One day everyone is happy the next it can all change. You could be putting someone out or getting put out. This person might be living there for years with nowhere to go. Many homeless people have jobs, they are not all lazy nor mental. They could use our help. Real help not just some of your spare change or a sandwich. Pass them some info on finding shelter, tell them where is an agency that could help get them off the streets. Talk to a friend or family member who can help them find work. The majority of homeless people I spoke with fell on hard times and, they are not looking for a handout. They want a second chance and are willing to work for it. So the next time you pass a homeless person, instead of throwing some loose change in a cup, talk to them ask them how you can help them. It might be as simple as just talking to someone positive and helping them come up with a new plan. A minute of the right person's time is worth more than a few dollars or a meal.

Suddenly Become Rich

Most people believe the rich have the best lives. They don't have a worry or care in the world. The thinking that money solves all problems couldn't be further from the truth. When you become rich, you are now open to a new set of problems. Please don't think the rich are exempt from getting sick or going to jail. Yes, their care might be a lot better but at a cost. When you are poor, most get medical care assistance from the government. While; the rich people pay out of pocket. Those fancy rooms you see them in at the hospital could cost them daily more than your rent. Imagine you paying your rent every day for a month or two. When you get in trouble with the law, a public defender might beat your case or get you; a plea deal or a lower jail sentence. When you are rich and hire a lawyer, win or lose, it might cost you hundreds of thousands just for them to take the case. When you are rich and; you and your spouse decide to split the marriage, you will give up half your assets. Everyone will try to borrow money from you or want you to give them money. People will try to sue you for every little thing. Another big problem will be trust; you won't know who is nice to you because they like you or because they want something from you. A switch in politics and you can lose all your wealth in the blink of an eye. Last but not least for no reason at all people will hate you just because you have money. So before you run and say I want to be rich make sure you do the research and make sure you really know what you asking for.

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Zakia Chapman
Nov 29, 2020

So true!


alisa harris
Nov 26, 2020

Omg.. yes.. I have to ask when did you get your degree in medicine. But the aches and pain your having you can't seem to shake. Why don't u use some of those remedies on yourself. I speak to my mom everyday. I visit often as well. When my grandmother died the family drifted. My dad was around then he wasn't. He died and i shed a tear and moved on. My mom is married to a great man to which I called Dad. They been married damn near 30 years. Im sorry to hear about your dad tho. I always say we are one paycheck away from becoming homeless. I don't ever want to be in a position where someone ca…


Doc Mar-q Minus
Doc Mar-q Minus
Nov 23, 2020

All very true

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