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The Killing Of Our Children Must Stop! (Senseless Cookout Shootings)

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What the heck is going on with the so-called United States citizen today? Shooting is up 70% over the country since this time last year are we no longer a civilization? Why when there is any type of panic, automatically crime goes up? It is not like people are looting and robbing to pay their bills or buy food to eat. Which brings me to my point, George Floyd was murdered by a broken system. So when we go to remove the old system, to improve things we act like savages by killing each other. It went from the police killing innocent people to people being mad and starting to killing more innocent people.

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It’s Been ‘Such a Weird Year.’ That’s Also Reflected in Crime Statistics.

Let me ask my readers a question. If Mr. George Floyd got murder and a worldwide protest started to end inequality, why when a 1-year-old in Brooklyn or a 7-year-old in Chicago gets killed by people aimlessly shooting into a crowd, no one cries out? We came together and brought justice to the corrupt cops, where is the justice for our children? To me, it feels like we are giving these killers a pass, why because they might be other black people doing the crimes? I believe the people that know the individual who killed these children have a duty to our society to turn these killers in. If not they, are just as guilty of the crime. President Trump held a briefing about how proud he is of the law enforcement that rounded up all the protesters that defaced the statue and, they are looking at a minimum of 10 years in jail. Not one time did he mention the mass killing of these children over the past 2 months, are the statues more important than our children. What type of message are we sending? Where are the protesters, where are our political leaders and borough presidents? Now more than ever we need them to get on the streets and fight crime, not their opponents. The only time you see them walking down the streets shaking hands is when it is time to vote. How can you talk about affordable housing and health care and not try to get the killing and crime down? What good is affordable rent if you are scared to go outside or health care if you are already dead before you reach the hospitals?

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1-year-old killed at New York City cookout shooting, three injured

Here is the million-dollar question, how is killing people making anything better? This includes going to war with other countries the amount of money being used to fund the army, navy, and marines could help feed and stop evictions for millions of Americans. During the worst pandemic in history when people should be helping one another. We exposed the worst side of humanity. How is taken any life going to help stop evictions, hunger, or the spread of a virus? Guns were made for protection. In 2020 what we need protection from can't be dealt with guns, so why are so many people carrying them? People are supposed to use social distancing; how come there is so much violence? We are supposed to be staying in the house, keeping to ourselves why are there so many cookouts? If there fewer people on the streets, the crime rate would drop as well. What is the cause for all the celebrating with these large gatherings and firework shows? Contrary to what the media and government want us to believe, this doesn't have anything to do with defunding the police and everything to do with people being bored and not having anything to do. You want to know why crime is so high in urban cities; because there is not enough funding for outreach centers and activities for the people. Different ages need different hobbies and programs. Do you want to know why there are so many gangs in the inner cities; what else is our children going to do when they go outside? When you are younger, it is called friends then when you get older, now it's considered a crew until it is enough people you form a gang. You either hang with the kids in the hood or be home bored by yourself. With parents working long hours or two jobs, they don't have the time to give children the attention they need. You want to stop crime give people something to do before they end up in jail.

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Major U.S. cities, gripped with crisis, now face spike in deadly shootings, including of children

Today's Call Of Action People Do Your Part To Bring Crime Down. We All Know The Bad Apples In Our Neighborhood. Enough Of Standing On The Side Lines Time To Police Ourselves. Either Stop The Crime Or Tell The Law Who Is Killing Innocent People. No In Between.

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