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What Is "What To Do Entertainment " Really About

Who We Are

What To Do Entertainment (WTDE) is a New York based company that got its start by answering a simple question; what are we going to do today?  Growing up in East Harlem with limited activities, resources, and programs - we decided to proactively address this situation. The goal of What To Do Entertainment is to show people having fun does not mean breaking the bank. With us, the possibilities are endless no determining what you will be able to go back to work telling your co-worker what you did. We have something for everyone in the family to enjoy. The most beneficial part is everything is organized months in advance so you will have time to decide. Here is the best part most of the events have a moderate payments plan so it could be worked into even the tightest of budgets. 

What We Do

In 1999 WTDE was started by hosting cookouts/picnics for our friends and the community.  Then as these grew in popularity, we evolved and started offering bus trips to various places from Upstate New York to Pennsylvania.  Seeing how popular these events were, WTDE decided it was time to offer more options and expand our reach to a broader spectrum of people. 

As a result, WTDE has now answered the “what are we going to do today” question by adding the What You Laughing At? comedy show and the What They Saying? spoken word show.  These two shows allow us to showcase the talents of up and coming artists and we give our growing following the chance to see tomorrow’s stars first!  So if you ever find yourself looking for something to do, then you have come to the right place. 

Now we host various themed parties, Vacations including Cruises and traveling overseas. We also offer for the adventurous type, extreme activities such as paintball, skydiving, ATV and snowmobiling, to name a few. If you never had the chance to catch one of our productions @ National Black Theater. We were ranked one of the top comedy, spoken word and music events in the tri-state area.

Why We Are Important To The Community

The mission of What To Do Entertainment is to open doors for people to try new things. Many people in areas like the one I grew up in always assume that the types of trips and events we offer were not attainable to them. That is where we come in. We make sure all the places we choose to host our events all have the highest safety rating. Our customers come first we want you to feel relaxed and confident knowing you chose the best.

Upcoming Events

We need your support

For a company of our size to be noticed we need the readers' help (Yes you can assist us), we can't complete with the giants in our field. For us to survive and continue to give these amazing events with these discounted rates, We need the word to spread, unlike the larger companies, we don't have the resources for marketing and advertise on an enormous scale. We need our friends, family, fans, supporters, and patrons to promote share tag and leave comments. On all platforms, it could be the social media word of mouth. If you meet anyone in a position that could boost our company in the public eyes please ask them to contact us. If you want to go live at our functions that will help. if you want to submit videos about the time you had with us is also a great way. Post loads of pictures when you are with us tag some of your associates that might be interested to join us next time. If someone is considering a vacation or looking for something to do recommend us. We started this blog 3 months ago, we need more reader, invite some friends and co-worker to view our page. Plus most of the events are based on what the clients want us to do next. If enough people ask for something we have been known to make it happen. To reiterate please tell people about us. What about this challenge get 10 people you know to join our email list.

What about this challenge get a minimum of 10 people you know to join our email list. Let's see you can get this done is under 48hrs. If you able to do it please leave in the comment below "DONE"

Make sure you sign up and leave a comment we will have another blog each and every Sunday and Subscribe to our Pages (YouTube, I.G, Twitter, Website)

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