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Is Slavery Here In The USA?

I hate to say this but Slavery still exists and comes in many forms, most of the time it is hidden in plain sight. We can't avoid something when you don't know what to look for. So in this blog I will point out three modern-day slaves in today's society. I will tell you about three that affect over 70% of Americans. I am not writing this to piss you off this information will you to gain your freedom.

1. Going To Prison

Everyone already knows when you go to prison you lose your rights and freedom. What many don't realize you become a slave. Most of the prison systems are operated by private companies. When you go to jail they put you to work. You know the main objective is to turn over the biggest profits at whatever cost. So when a person gets in trouble and goes to jail it cost to housed and feed them. So they used this as an excuse to make people work for 8 hrs days for as low as $2.00 a day. Yes, $2.00 this was not a misprint. You are made to do work for big companies such as Wal-mart, McDonald, and Wendy's to name a few. How is this possible or a better question legal? I put a video above to explain it a little better. The bottom line don't go to prison and you won't become a slave.

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2. Being In Debt

One of the worse slave masters is called debt. Once you take on debt whoever you owe becomes your master. The more institutions you owe the more masters you have. Mortgage or rent, car note, credit cards, and even memberships and subscriptions. When you work all week and before you can spend money on yourself you have to give the money to others you work for them. Yes you have a bunch of nice things but at what cost? Most of your life you spend making other people rich at your expense. If you truly want to be free cut back on unnecessary spending and pay off all your outstanding debt. Now join the FREE WORLD.

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3. Working For Big Corporations.

They never see you as a person to them you are either a member or number. So that means they treat you like cattle if you are not performing well you will be replaced. As well as paying minimum or close to minimum wages. While these companies profit billions of dollars a year, most of the people working for them can't afford to pay for their essential living expenses. You would think the more overtime they do the more money they will make. With the wages being so low the extra hours only increase the amount of taxes you payout. So between the job and the government you will be working as a slave for a system that sets most people up to fail. The way to fix this is to increase your pay by developing a skill or start a business. Save up some money buy as many assets as possible so you can begin to collect passive income from said assets. There are 7 income streams how many of them are you using? If you didn't know about them check with our blog "If You Want To Become A Millionaire Quit School".

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Bonus video

Today's call of action, tell us if you are a modern-day slave. What will you do to become Free?

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